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                                1pers 2 pers    

Bruschette                                                               8,50  12,50

Three types of bruschette burrata,

fresh tomato and homemade pesto

Bresaola Carpaccio                                                 8,50  12,50

Thinly sliced, air-dried beef from Lombardy,

rocket, Parmesan cheese, capers and lemon oil


Coppa di Parma e pecorino al tartufo                    8,50  12,50

Thinly sliced ham with a sheep cheese with truffle


Burrata                                                                    9,50  16

Fresh Italian cheese made from Buffalo

mozzarella and cream with homemade pesto

and Sardinian bread


Caprese con Mozzarella di Bufala                            7,50  11,50

Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil


Tagliere (min. 2 persons)                                            10,50 pp.

Different types of antipasti


Insalata Mista                                                           7,50

Mixed vegetarian salad

Tomato & Basil salad                                                 7

Salad of fresh tomatoes, basil,

olive oil and balsamic


All our pizzas are topped with buffalo mozzarella and homemade tomato sauce before they are baked in the oven

Con carne

Pizzas with meat

Pizza della casa                                   14,50

Parma ham, rocket, Parmesan cheese

and truffle oil 

Gorizza                                                14,50

Spicy salami, gorgonzola cheese,

grilled bell peppers and onion  

Burrata e Coppa di Parma                    16

(Bianca: without tomato sauce) Burrata,

coppa di Parma, rocket and sundried tomatoes 


Diavola                                                13,50

Spicy Salami, chili peppers and garlic

Prosciutto cotto e tartufo                      14,50

Cooked ham, chestnut mushrooms, basil and

truffle oil  


Della Nonna                                         14,50

Cooked ham, chestnut mushrooms,

sundried tomatoes and mascarpone cheese  


Gorgonzola e Prosciutto crudo             15

Gorgonzola cheese, Parma ham and chestnut mushrooms  


Cicciolina                                              14,50

Spicy salami, pancetta bacon,

grilled bell peppers and chili peppers  


Prosciutto crudo e                                14,50

mozzarella di bufala

Parma ham, rocket and cold buffalo mozzarella 


Quattro Stagioni                                  14,50

Cooked ham, chestnut mushrooms,

artichoke and grilled bell peppers 


Bresaola                                              15

Thinly sliced, air-dried beef from Lombardy,

rocket, Parmesan cheese and lemon oil

Pancetta                                             15    

Pancetta bacon, scamorza (smoked cheese),

grilled onion and oregano  15.00


Pizza ‘Nduja                                         15

Spicy salami, ‘Nduja (spicy sausage),

grilled onions and gorgonzola  


Pizza Tartufo                                        15,50

Truffle salami, truffle pecorino,

chestnut mushrooms and rocket


vegetarian pizzas

Margherita Speciale                              11           

Cold buffalo mozzarella and basil 


Vegetariana                                          14

Variation of grilled vegetables and

Parmesan cheese Truffel Pecorino instead

of Parmesan cheese 1 Euro extra  


Pesto e Burrata                                      15

burrata, semi sundried tomatoes and homemade pesto 

Caprese                                                13,50

(Bianca: without tomato sauce)

Cold buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomatoes,

olives and basil  


Pinoli                                                     13,50

Fresh tomato, garlic, rocket,

Parmesan cheese and pine nuts Truffel

Pecorino instead of Parmesan cheese 1 Euro extra 


Quattro Formaggi                                 14

Parmesan cheese, mascarpone cheese,

gorgonzola cheese and basil


Vegan Pizzas

Margherita                                            12

vegan mozzarella and basil  


Pesto e Ricotta                                       17

vegan mozzarella, semi sundried tomatoes,

rocket, vegan ricotta and pesto.


Verdure Grigliate                                   17

vegan mozzarella, variation of

grilled vegetables, rocket and walnuts


Double folded pizza

Calzone Piccante                                 15

Spicy salami, gorgonzola cheese and a

variation of grilled vegetables and

‘Nduja (spicy sausage)   

Calzone Classico                                  15

Cooked ham, artichoke, chestnut mushrooms

and scamorza (smoked cheese)

Con pesce

pizza with fish

Napoli                                                  13

Anchovy, capers and garlic

Rio Mare                                              14,50 

Tuna, capers and grilled onions

Per i bambini

for the childeren

Margherita Junior                                 8 

Margherita Junior with salami               10


Homemade sgroppino                        7,50

Lemon sorbet, prosecco and vodka


Fresh Italian icecream                           2,25 per scoop

Ask our staff for the variety of flavors


Affogato                                              4,25

A scoop of vanilla ice cream

topped with a shot of espresso


Profiteroles                                             7,50

Cream puffs filled with whipped

cream and chocolate sauce


Homemade tiramisù                              7,25

Traditional recipe


Grand dessert                                      9,50 per person


Whipped Cream                                   0,50